A President of the United States. US Senators. US Cabinet Members. Nobel Prize Winners. Notable Economists.

The Economic Club of Sheboygan prides itself on bringing professionals from a variety of disciplines to the area in order the educate the business community on the growing trends and challenges faced in the political, business, and social arenas.



Mr. William Korsvik
      Sr. V.P., First Chicago
      Author "The Loan Officers' Handbook"

William Proxmire
      U.S. Senator (Democrat), Wisconsin, 1975-1989



Dr. Beryl Sprinkel
      Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers 1985-89, Reagan Administration

Charles Percy
      U.S. Senator - Illinois 1967-85

Kenneth Haagenson
      Director of Public Relations, Allis-Chalmers

Dwight Hightower
      Partner, Baker Hightower International Law Firm



William Rothfelder
      Chief Economist, Inland Steel

Dr. Pierre Rinfret
      Chairman of the Board & Chief Economist, Lionel D. Edie & Co.

Robin Lowell Moore, Jr.
      American writer, author of The Green Berets, The French Connection. Also co-authored the lyrics for the Ballad of the Green Berets

Ernest Baughman
      VP & Director of Economic Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago



Dr. Arthur Burns
      Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 1970-78
      Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors, 1953-56
      Ambassador to West Germany, 1981-85

John Grogan
      Consulting Actuary, Arthur Stedry Hausen Actuaries

Walter Morton
      Sr. Economist, U. of Wisconsin

Howard Sochurek
      Correspondent & Photographer, LIFE magazine



Dr. Milton Friedman
      Professor, Univ. of Chicago
      Nobel Prize Winner (1976)

John Gronouski
      U.S. Postmaster General, 1963-1965

Curtiss Tarr
      V.P. & General Counsel, Preferred Risk Mutual Ins. Co. of Iowa



A. R. Burnstan
      Associate Secretary, Dept. of Commerce

William Gasser
      Professor, School of Business, Rochester, NY

Haynes Johnson
      Pulitzer Prize winner for Journalism, Author

Steven Reiner
      Editor, Univ. of Wisconsin School Newspaper



Mr. Markov
      USSR Embassy

Robert Dederick
      Chief Economist, Northern Trust Co.

Paul Nadler Nadler

James Hayes
      U.S. Congressman, Lousiana, 1987-1997



Tilford Gaines
      Chief Economist

Walter Heller
      Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers, 1961-64

John Weaver
      President, University of Wisconsin
      Distinguished Professor of Geography, Univ. of Southern California

Peter Maas
      Author, Valachi Papers and a biography of Frank Serpico


Grant Butler

Otto Eckstein
     Chairman & Founder, Data Resources Inc.
     Professor of Economics, Harvard University

Arnold Weber
     University of Chicago Business School
     Cost of Living Council under President R. Nixon


Alan Greenspan
     Chairman, Federal Reserve Board, 1987-2006
     Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers, 1974-77

Arthur Solomon
     Director, Arthur D. Little, Inc.

Barber Conable
     U.S. Congressman, N.Y., 1965-85


Henry Reuss
     U.S. Congressman, Wisconsin, 1955-1983

Prof. Paul McCracken
     Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors, 1969-1971
     President, American Enterprise Institute
     Professor of Economics, U. of Michigan

John Connally
     Secretary of the Treasury, 1971-72
     Secretary of the Navy, 1961
     Governor, State of Texas, 1963-69

Ezra Solomon
     Council of Economic Advisers, 1971-73


John Dunlop
     Secretary of Labor, Ford Administration
     Professor, Harvard University

James E. Raffel
     Sr. V.P. & Trust Investment Officer & Economist, Firstar Corp.
     Founder, The Economic Club of Sheboygan

Ralph Salerno
     District Attorney, New York City, N.Y.

Herbert Neil
     Chief Economist, Harris Trust

George Schultz
     Secretary of State
     Secretary of the Treasury


Walter Fackler
     Associate Dean, School of Business, U. of Chicago

Charles Walker
     Congressional Lobbyist

Mr. William Simon
     Secretary of Treasury

Arthur Okun
     Council of Economic Advisers


Andrew Brimmer
     Member, Federal Reserve Board

George H. W. Bush
     President, United States

William Mazacco
     Economic Adviser to the U.S. Information Agency, 1972-1974

Iben Browning
     Author of "Climate and the Affairs of Men"


Dr. Allan Meltzer
     Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers
     Professor, Carnegie-Mellon University

Dr. Martin Feldstein
     Chairman, National Bureau of Economic Research
     Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers

Sen. Robert Packwood
     United State Senator, Oregon, 1969-1995

Ronald Haddock
     Director of Exxon Corporation


Patrick Lucey
     Governor, State of Wisconsin

Dr. Lawrence Klein
     Professor, University of Pennsylvania
     Nobel Prize Winner, 1980

Dr. Raymond Jallow
     Chief Economist, L.A. California

Charles Bartlett
     Columnist, Chicago Sun Times
     Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting


Lawrence Kudlow
     Chief Economist, Bear Sterns

Donald Rumsfeld
     Secretary of Defense

Malcom Forbes

Mark H. Willes
     President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, 1977-80


Jerry Jordan
      President, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland; Member
      Member, Council of Economic Advisers

Yale Brozen
      Professor, University of Chicago

Carol Baumann
      Deputy Secretary, Bureau of Intelligence, U.S. Department of State

Kevin Phillips
      Political Strategist


Marina Von Neumann Whitman
      Chief Economist, General Motors

Karl Brunner
      Professor, University of Rochester

Irving Levine
      Political Commentator

Robert Genetski
      Chief Economist, Harris Trust


Robert Eggert
      Blue Chip Economic Indicators

Sam Nakagama
      Chief Economist, Kidder Peabody

David Mulford
      Managing Director, Merrill Lynch

William Wilby
      V.P. & Economist, Northern Trust Co.


Dr. Henry Gailliot
      Chief Economist, Federated Research Corp. of Pittsburgh

Robert Davis
      President, Davis Financial Associates
      Sr. V.P., New York Mercantile Exchange

George Gilder
      Author, "Visible Man," "Wealth and Poverty"

Gar Alperovitz
      Prof. Of Political Science, Howard University
      President, National Center of Economics


Anatol Balbach
      Sr. Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Roy Moor
      V.P. & Chief Economist, First Chicago Corp.

Manuel Johnson
      Vice-Chairman, Federal Reserve Board

Gerald Corrigan
      President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York


Don Nichols
      Professor, University of Wisconsin
      Director of LaFollete Institute, Madison, Wisconsin

Juanita Kreps
      Secretary of Commerce

Clare Zempel
      Chief Economist, Robert W. Baird

Frederick Amling
      Prof. of Finance & Business, Graduate School, George Washington University


John Rutledge
      Claremont Economic Institute

Paul Craig Roberts
      Professor, Georgetown University
      Author; Columnist at "Business Week"

Dr. Walter Elliott
      Professor of Free Enterprise, School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

David Hale
      Chief Economist, Kemper Financial Co.


Lawrence Chimerine
      Sr. Economic Counselor, DRI/McGraw-Hill
      Chairman, Chase Econometrics

Donald Strazheim
      Chief Economist, Merrill Lynch

Alfred Kahn
      Chairman, Civil Aeronautics Board

Irving Kristol
      Editor, Wall Street Journal


Michael Evans
      President, Evans Economics

Arthur Laffer
      President, A. Laffer Associates

Beryl Sprinkel
      Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers

Lawrence Kudlow
      Chief Economist, Bear Sterns & Co.


Robert Genetski
      President, Stotler Economics

Allen Sinai
      President & CEO, The Boston Co.

David Hale
      Chief Economist, Kemper Financial Corp.

David Wyss
      Chief Financial Economist, DRI/McGraw-Hill


Charles Maxwell
      Sr. Energy Strategist, C. J. Lawrence

Gail Fosler
      Chief Economist, Conference Board

Gary Shilling
      President, Gary Shilling Associates

Lawrence Korb
      Sr. Fellow, Brookings Institution


Dr. David Resler
      Chief Economist, Nomura Securities Int<
      Chief Financial Economist, 1st Financial Bank of Chicago

Dr. Bill Apgare
      Assistant to the Secretary, HUD
      Professor, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Norman Ornstein
      Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

Leon Kendall
      Professor of Finance & Real Estate, Northwestern University


James Miller, III
      Director, Office of Management & Budget

James Smith
      Professor, U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
      President, National Association of Business Economics

Bradlee Perry
      Chairman of the Board, David L. Babson

Larry Lindsey
      Governor, Federal Reserve Board


David Hale
      Chief Economist, Kemper Financial Co.

Gail Fosler
      Chief Economist, Conference Board

Larry Meyer
      Governor, Federal Reserve Board
      Professor, Washington University (St. Louis)

Ethan Siegal
      V.P. & Chief Washington Political Analyst, Prudential Securities


Alan Reynolds
      Director, Hudson Institute

Richard Hokenson
      Chief Economist, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette

Newt Gingrich
      Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives, 1979-1999

David Wyss
      Chief Economist, Standard & Poor's


Clare Zempel
      Chief Economist, R.W. Baird

Mark Melcher
      Sr. Political Analyst, Prudential Securities

Steven Leuthold
      Chairman & CEO, The Leuthold Group

Don Nichols
      Professor, University of Wisconsin
      Director of La Follette Institute


Joel Prakken
      Chairman, Macroeconomic Advisers

James Harff
      President, Ruder-Finn Global Public Affair

Bradlee Perry
      Chairman of the Board, David L. Babson

John Silvia
      Managing Director, Chief Economist, Wells Fargo Economics


David Kresge
      Chief Economist, Dun & Bradstreet

Wayne Angell
      Governor, Federal Reserve Board

David Resler
      Chief Economist, Nomura International

Gary Becker
      Professor of Economics, University of Chicago
      Nobel Prize Winner, 1992


Dr. Richard Curtin
     Director, Surveys Research Center, University of Michigan

Richard Hokinson
      Chief Economist, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette

Lawrence Kudlow
      Chief Economist, Bear Sterns & Co.

David Hale
      Chief Economist, Kemper Financial Co.


Clare Zempel
      Chief Economist & Chief Financial Strategist, Rogbert W. Baird & Co., Inc.

Dr. David Wyss
      Chief Economist & Research Director, DRI-McGraw Hill

Diane C. Swonk
      Chief Economist & Sr. Vice President, Banc One
      Past President, Nat’l Assoc. of Business Economists

Joel Prakken
      Chairman, Macroeconomic Advisers


Alice Rivlin
      Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute
      Vice Chair, Federal Reserve Board

Richard Thieme
      President, Thieme Works

Robert Dederick
      Chairman & CEO, RGD Economics
      Economic Consultant
      Executive Vice President & Chief Economist, Northern Trust Corporation

Donald Hilber
      Financial Market Strategist & Sr. Economist, Investment Economics


Dana B. Johnson
      Sr. Managing Director, Bank One Capital Markets

Nariman Behravesh
      Chief International Economist & Research Director, Standard & Poor's

Donald H. Straszheim
      President, Straszheim Global Advisors
      Chief Economist, Merrill Lynch

Gregory R. Valliere
      Managing Director, Washington Research Group
      Schwab & Co.


Ed Fiedler
      Senior Fellow & Economic Counselor
      Conference Board, Past President, NABE

James Harff
      President & CEO, Global Communications

Brian Wesbury
      First Vice President & Chief Economist, Griffen, Kubic, Stephens & Thompson

Robert Dederick
      Principal, RGD Economics
      Chief Economist, Northern Trust


Dr. Mitchel Held
      Managing Director, Salomon Smith Barney

Dr. Richard Curtin
      Director of Consumer Research, University of Michigan

Dr. Mickey Levy
      Senior VicePresident & Chief Economist, Bank of America
      Board of Academic Advisors, New York Fed

Dr. Michael Moskow
      President, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago


Clare Zempel
      Chairman & Chief Economist, Zempel Strategic

Jan Hatzius
      Vice President & Sr. Economis, Goldman Sachs

Diane Swonk
      Chief Economist, Mesirow Financial

David Hale
      Chairman, Hale Economic Advisors


Andrew J. Engel
      Sr. Research & Portfolio Manager, Leuthold Group institutional Research

Dr. Robert Genetski
      Chairman & CEO, Genetski & Associates

Dr. Gary Stern
      President. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Dr. Marc Miles
      Director, Center for International Trade & Economics, Heritage Foundation


Brian Wesbury
      Chief Economist, First Trust
      Chief Economist, Joinst Economic Committee of U.S. Congress

Dr. James F. Smith
      Director, Center for Business Forecasting at Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise

Dr. James W. Paulsen
      Chief Investment Strategist, Wells Capital Management

Dr. William Dunkelberg
      Professor of Economics, Temple University
      Chief Economist National Federation of Independent Businesses


Clare Zempel
      Chairman & Chief Economist, Zempel Strategic

Mathew Andresen
      Co-Head, Citadel Derivatives Group

Dr. Kermit Baker
      Economist, American Institute of Architects & Director of Remodeling Futures Program - Harvard University


Harvey Rosenblum
      Executive Vice President and Director of Research Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Eric Beslky
      Managing Director, Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University
      Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Ken Mayland
      President, Clearview Economics, LLC

David Hale
      Founding Chairman, David Hale Global Economics
      Chief Economist, Zurich Financial Services


William Niskanen
      Chairman Emeritus, Cato Institute

Paul Ryan
      Speaker of the House of Representatives
      U.S. Congressman (WI) and Chairman of the House Budget Committee

Mark Zonis
      Professor, University of Chicago

Mark Perry
      Professor of economics and finance in the School of Management at the Flint campus of the University of Michigan
      Scholar, American Enterprise Institute


Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the United States of America
Harvey Rosenblum Executive Vice President and Director of Research Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Phil Orlando Institutional Investor
William Strauss Senior Economist & Economic Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago


Stuart Mackintosh Executive Director, Group of Thirty
Clare Zempel Chairman & Chief Economist, Zempel Strategic
William Poole Senior Fellow, Cato Institute Senior Advisor to Merk Investents
Jim Paulsen Chief Investment Strategist, Wells Capital Management


Scott Grannis Retired Chief Economist at Western Asset Management
Richard Wobbekin Executive Director of the Business Research Division and Associate Dean for Business & Government Relations, University of Colorado Senior Economist at the University of Colorado
Robert McTeer Distinguished Fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis
Scott Sumner Professor of Economics at Bentley University


Dr. Peter Ammon German Ambassador to the United States
Dr. Kevin Swift Chief Economist - American Chemistry Council
Clare Zempel Principal, Zempel Strategic
Don Johnson Chief Economist, Caterpillar Inc.


Dr. Casey Mulligan Professor of Economics- University of Chicago
Dr. George Kahn Vice President & Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Dr. David Henderson Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University Professor of Economics, Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA. Editor, The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
Dr. John Manley Chief Equity Strategist at Wells Fargo Funds Management


Ellen Hughes-Cromwick Chief Economist, U.S. Dept. of Commerce Chief Economist, Ford Motor Company Senior Economist, Energy Institute, University of Michigan
Lars Christensen Founder, Markets & Money Advisory
Dr. Paul Kasriel President of Econtrarian, LLC


Dr. Deirdre McCloskey Economist, American Institute of Architects & Director Director, Remodeling Futures Program, Harvard University
Dr. Benjamin Powell Director of the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University
Larry Jeddeloh Founder of TIS Group in Minneapolis
Jason Clemens Executive Vice President of the Fraser Institute President of the Fraser Institute Foundation.


Dr. Scott Niederjohn Dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Lakeland University Walter Kohler Professor of Economics at Lakeland University
Governor Scott Walker 45th Governor of the State of Wisconsin
Edward J. Pinto Resident Fellow and Co-Director of the Center on Housing Markets and Finance at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)


John Silvia Founder, Dynamic Economic Strategy
John Gurda Wisconsin writer and historian
Noah Williams Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsin (Madison)
Mary Ellen Stanek Managing Director and Director of Asset Management for Robert W. Baird & Co. Chief Investment Officer of Baird Advisors


Steve Moore White House Economic Advisor, Chief Economist, Heritage Foundation
Jon Koskinen Chief Economist, Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue


Donald J. Trump President, United States of America
Michael Knetter President and CEO of the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association.
James Otteson, PHD Professor of Business Ethics, and Rex and Alice A. Martin Faculty Director of the Notre Dame/Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership in the Mendoza College at the University of Notre Dame.